About Us

Who We Are & Our Mission

We are artists who are passionate about acrylic and oil painting. With our team of artists and studio, we offer unique and artistic transformation of your photo! Preserve your photo memories Painted on canvas. 


We believe that art is not just for the elite few and that everyone should be given a fair go. Nothing should get in the way of making art. It should be fun, freeing your mind. Most importantly --  it should come naturally to everyone.

Meanwhile, we organize regular "Paint Your Own Photos -- PhotoArt Painting" Workshop. We want to make art easier to create, so we pre-print your favorite photos on canvas (i.e., travel, family, pet or wedding photos), and you will be the artist to paint them! We want everyone can free their mind while painting your own memory, we want to encourage everyone to follow their imagination and make whatever takes their fancy. And to simply have a great time expressing themselves. We want everyone feel empowered to create their own one-of-a-kind art piece – no matter what you do or where you come from.


我們熱愛攝影及藝術, 致力於普及油畫藝術, 我們有專業的畫家及技術團隊, 用心為您製作藝術品, 為您的家居或辦公室增添藝術氣息,與您的摰愛分享日常快樂時刻。


同時,我們推廣油畫藝術普及化,定期舉辦我們原創的「Paint Your Own Photos -- PhotoArt Painting」活動,令大眾和至愛的甜蜜合照, 或任何喜愛相片(旅遊,家庭,結婚,寵物照),令他們有機會自己親手用愛心繪畫成油畫,一邊畫一邊回憶,與普偏的\"art jamming\" 只在白畫布上由零開始創作,我們活動的繪畫過程令參加者都得到更多互動樂趣、滿足感及個人意義, 參加者由小孩至退休人仕都有,受到很多好的回應。