Touring World's Most Famous Museums at Home During the COVID-19 Pandemic

During this COVID 19 Pandemic time, people all over the world are practicing social-distancing currently. Most of the museums have closed in an attempt to minimize community spread and people are advised to stay home. 

Although affected by the epidemic, the general public should reduce their outbound travel, but it does not mean that all of them need to stay at home for years. Google Arts & Culture has launched an online art exhibition with 12 world-renowned art galleries and museums, allowing art lovers to enjoy the exhibits at home. Take everyone to visit one of the museums now!

For those who are obsessed with Van Gogh's paintings, now we all can enjoy a series of masterpieces of his master without having to travel to the Netherlands! Masterpiece includes "Sunflowers", "Self-portrait", "The Bedroom" and more. Now there are two online exhibitions, "Which Books did Vincent van Gogh Read?" And "Vincent van Gogh's love life", let you walk into the inner world of this great artist and learn about his reading preferences and love experience!

Let's start with Van Gogh!